2020-21 Trustees: Lisa Kramer, President; James Livingston, Vice President; Suzanne Eick & Kathi Tolnai (co-secretaries),Renee Neil, Levi Benning, Melissa Holthaus.  No Picture Available.

2019-20 Trustees: See Photo Above Suzanne Eick & Kathi Tolnai (co-secretaries),Lisa Kramer (vice president), Renee Neil, Jolene White (president), James Livingston, Levi Benning


City of

The heart of a rural community 

Plainfield City Hall

604 Main Street 
Plainfield, IA 50666

Hours: 8am-3pm M, W & F
Phone & Fax: 319-276-3449

Facebook: City of Plainfield, Iowa