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You can download audio and e-books to your computer and/or E-Reader, FREE!

“NEIBORS” Gives Library Patrons a way to Enjoy Books. Users Can Check-out and Download Popular Audio and e-Books Online.

Library patrons now have anytime, anywhere access to a dynamic collection of digital audio and e-books through the library service NEIBORS, the North Eastern Iowa Bridge to Online Resource Sharing. NEIBORS is coordinated by East Central, North Central and Northeastern Library Service Areas and is a collaboration of 94 member libraries.

With a valid library card, members of participating libraries can log onto the digital library website, install the free software, check out and download popular and classic audio and e-books to their PC, and then transfer to a portable MP3 player or even burn some titles to CD. The Plainfield Public Library patrons may call the library at 319-276-4461 for more information or go directly to the download site at http://neibors.lib.overdrive.com

Find your item(s) and then check out by 1) selecting your library (Plainfield Public Library) and 2) typing in your Plainfield library card number. The software you need is available free at this site.

• Read the “Quick Start Guide” (there is a link on the NEIBORS home page)
• If you need or want further information, read the FAQ page and other help pages and/or watch the “Guided Tour.”
• You can browse the catalog before signing in if you like and sign in when you are ready to check out OR sign in before
  looking at the catalog.
• When you are ready to sign in, click on “SIGN IN”; on the next page, choose your library by letting the cursor hover over the letters
  “A-C”, find Plainfield in the list and click on it. On the next page, you will enter the patron number from your Plainfield Library card.
  If there is a “P” before your number, enter only the numerals; and if your patron number has fewer than four digits, place zeros
  before your number to create a four-digit number.
• You can now check out -- you will be able to check out two titles at a time.

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