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Plainfield City Clerk

City Clerk: Brittney Lentz
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am–3pm
Office: 604 Main Street, Plainfield, IA 50666
Phone: 319-276-3449
• Starting November 2017 minutes will be
available to read in the Clerk Notes

Monthly minutes

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Plainfield City Mayor and Council Members

   Tom Geise

Council Members:

   Blake Franzen
   David Lehman
   Joe Schmall
   Clyde Balvanz
   Jamie Downing
City Clerk:

   Brittney Lentz
Maintenance Supervisor:

   Andy Luck

   Jane Juchems
Fire Chief:

   Tom Poppe

City Council
Plainfield Fire Department

Fire Chief:
   Tom Poppe

Fire Department &
First Responders

Plainfield Fire Department of 2013  
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